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Our journey begins with an idea by Alberto Margheriti with the aim of creating high quality coffee blends strictly roasted with oak wood in a completely natural way. The roasting plant located in Pienza, in the middle of the hills of the Val d'Orcia, offers a natural and unique product, appreciated all over the world, capable of representing the best craftsmanship, passion, inextricably linked to "Made in Italy" abroad. . Having an identity means for us to be recognizable and this is why we have always believed in the great potential of oak wood roasting, a cooking method that gives our coffee a strong personality with a particularly pleasant drinkability.

A careful and scrupulous supply of green matter, the result of a solid relationship with our historical importers, is the first and fundamental step to make that simple grain from all over the world carry out a wonderful and magical metamorphosis that takes place in the stages of cooking. . Blending coffee is an art and we at Pienza Coffee pursue it with particular attention, bearing in mind that blends can be made with green coffees of various origins and qualities. In fact, we almost exclusively use “arabica” to search for aromatic notes capable of recalling the scent of red fruits, while we tend to use “robusta” to give the blend a more decisive taste and body. The oak wood roasting phase is the most delicate and intimate moment of the production process; this is why, with experience, care and research, our production gives the blends a constant taste and replicability over time.

In the millennium of technology, innovation is even more combined with tradition and therefore the control of our roasting machine is still entrusted to man, the only judge of the quality of the product: it is in fact the roaster technician who examines a sample of coffee on sight. and decides how long it should continue cooking: it is in those seconds that our product becomes unique in taste and creates that final pleasure that allows you to drink a drink as a real sensory experience.


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 Km 35,500, SP146,

53026 Pienza SI

Tel: +39 0578 265188

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